4 myths about martial arts you should know

Martial art involves physical, mental and spiritual connections. There are lots of myths about martial art. These myths sometimes lead to misconceptions. Here are some myths you should know about.

You can always break bricks

It is a myth that people who know martial art can always break bricks. It happens sometimes, but not all the time. The art of brick breaking is called Tameshiwari. In some karate training, ‘tameshiwari’ is not included. This technique is more spiritual than physical in nature.

Total self-control can be achieved

One of the objectives of practicing karate is to achieve self-control. However, you may not achieve total self-control. You will have better self-control than those who don’t know karate.

Black belt is the ultimate achievement

It is a misconception that black belt is the highest level of belt. There are many levels of black belts. Many people stop their training after achieving the black belt. This is not a right thing to do. In Okinawa, the place where karate was originated, the highest level of the belt is red.

Martial art is not for the girls

This is another myth. Girls are as capable as boys to do martial arts. Strength is necessary for martial art. But other factors like flexibility, endurance and reflexes are also important. So, girls can be as good as the boys.

These misconceptions often lead to disappointments. People start training in martial arts with wrong presumptions and when they don’t get the result, they get disappointed and stop the training. You should read about martial arts and know the actual facts.

3 differences between karate and taekwondo

Karate and Taekwondo are quite popular today. Many people are showing interest in learning these. Karate originated from Japan and Taekwondo originated from Korea. Though the two may look similar, there are lots of differences between them. Here we are going to discuss these differences.


Karate has more kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes. It teaches you how to block attacks or counter-attacking through punches, strikes, and kicks. Open hand techniques are given emphasis here. It is great for self-defense. Taekwondo mostly teaches kicking techniques.


Belt indicates a person’s competence in the techniques. It is a feedback that shows how well the person is performing and learning. Karate has mainly two belts: pre-black belt and black belt. The pre-black belts include: white, orange, yellow, blue, green, two levels of purple and three levels of brown belt. Initially, a person starts with the white belt. Then the person needs to pass an examination in order to move into the next belt. The examination tests the person’s techniques and disciplines The black belt has several levels as well.

Taekwondo, on the other hand, is ranked according to senior, junior, student or instructor. The junior level has various color belts like karate. The examination to move on to the next level doesn’t only require demonstration of techniques, but also requires theoretical knowledge.

Weapon training

Okinawan is an essential part of karate training. People learn how to use weapons like nunchaku and bo staff. Taekwondo doesn’t give much emphasis on weapons. Weapon training is considered additional to the core curriculum.

Taekwondo is now an Olympic sport, but karate isn’t. Whether you want to learn karate or taekwondo depends on your interest and purpose. You should learn more about them before choosing which want to go for.

3 health benefits of martial art

Martial art brings your body, mind, and spirit in one place. It has been practiced for years. It is a very good form of physical exercise. It also helps in various aspects of life. Here are the major health benefits of martial art.

Promotes good lifestyle

Martial art promotes a good lifestyle. It is a very rigorous form of exercise. Your eating habit will change when you perform martial art. You will include energy-rich food in your diet to keep you going. You will also learn discipline and it will positively affect your life. It is one of the fastest ways to lose weight also. So, you will have fewer chances of having diseases like obesity or diabetes.  The breathing technique is very helpful. You will learn how to meditate and keep your mind at peace.

Builds up confidence

As you will learn different techniques, you will feel more confident about your self. Achieving your goals will let you know your limits and help you to be confident.


The crime rate is increasing. If you learn the martial art, you will be able to protect yourself from crime. You will be able to walk on the road freely without being afraid of any violence or mishaps.

Martial art makes you strong, confident, disciplined and healthy. All these are essential to lead of good life. Many kids are learning martial arts today and it will help them in their personal and professional lives when they grow up.